Finland, goals, and my very first post.

So, here we go…

I was wondering what would be my first post for this new blog and sitting neatly in front of me this morning was an older (Dec 29th, 2011) article out of The Atlantic (here for the whole article).  The following:

As for accountability of teachers and administrators, Sahlberg shrugs. “There’s no word for accountability in Finnish,” he later told an audience at the Teachers College of Columbia University. “Accountability is something that is left when responsibility has been subtracted.”

For Sahlberg what matters is that in Finland all teachers and administrators are given prestige, decent pay, and a lot of responsibility. A master’s degree is required to enter the profession, and teacher training programs are among the most selective professional schools in the country. If a teacher is bad, it is the principal’s responsibility to notice and deal with it.

That’d be the Minister of Education explaining very succinctly the main difference (read: obvious issue with the US education system) between those nations with superior education systems and the rest.  Teachers/administrators are the tip top best of the best because, at some point, people realized that their children are actually important.  Lip service is not enough.

Which brings me to this quick point: We must do more for our children, our students, our country.  And, that’s why I’m studying to do just that. This blog is dedicated to that goal.