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As a teacher for 8 years at McCallum Fine Arts Academy in Austin (and countless years in informal education prior), I learned much about working with high school students who are gifted and talented in arts, students who care nothing about the arts, educators who are highly successful, educators who barely make it through the day, the way schools at every level (departmental, campus wide, district wide) operate, and how this is the best time for us to make the changes necessary to fix a system on the brink of collapse.


For me, it’s very simple:

  • We must respect each student as an individual who is present to learn.
  • We must create systems of instruction that are centered around this individual so that they receive an education that is relevant, challenging, and inspiring.
  • We must be aware of national and international standards in our conversations of new goals.
  • We must do so in ways that maximize efficiencies in the delivery of education.
  • And, we must not be scared to question everything in an attempt to provide the best for our students.


Courses Developed & Taught

Introduction to Theatre

World Theatre

Practices, Genres, & Styles

Directing on Stage and Film

Integration of Abilities

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre History

Introduction to Design and Production

Scenic Design

Scenic Painting


Lighting Design

Costume Design

Production and Stage Management